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eturning to their seats, in ones and twos. The youngest, the first Skinner. The big, fat, past. More The old man began to rise. The dynamic driving him back and pulling my hair made ​​me Staggthat. His hand moved quickly, and pulled my dress pants to my ankles seemed to be coupled. My bare ass was more vulnerable than usual in the public square cold. I was strangely happy to see that no one could do what he did. He again took my finger, two, three and four fingers to boot. Once again, my whole body went into convulsions, and when he returned and said, 'oh, oh, oh, oh "was my heart every time I took my hand about to return with closed eyes and stretched my neck . back in the fucking ecstatic when he suddenly stopped. the group of younger guys a semi- circle was formed around our seats. the couple took me to be married hastily fled down the stairs . the first and then him. She was glad of the stairs down. he was looking back, because my big boobs were totally show. the old man had on my bra down around my waist and my breasts just spilling out of my blouse. pushed me forward to sticking to aroundp of the seat. I was grunting like a pig through the nose. The old man had gone, pushing his fingers inside and outside the shell sticky. I felt his head jerking about me on my ass. Then he did something remarkable. I licked her ass cheeks on one side then the other, biting into them. I found that pornmade wet licked around the gulf. Each individual hair seemed to be at attention and wait. I felt his kiss crossed, when it separated from my ass cheeks and felt his way into my little hole with his tongue. He pulled his fingers from my pussy, gets up with the index finger of my juice even more slippery language. " She likes getting fucked in the ass," he said, seeing the child how to explain it. But at home, my husband apologized, although he accidentally touched his hand. I have these thoughts in my head. I was a bitch and I wanted to use a dog. The boys seemed to put the declaration of the elderly as a guy who invitatIon. The biggest was heavier for the first time to react. He played one of my breasts, as if it was going to say boo to him and make him flee. But then it got more confidence, feeling of fullness from which then the other. He made ​​his choice and slipped on the sill of the capture window eagerly to the eye closest to him and many of them in his mouth as he could smooth skin, areola and nipple harsh. The other three children, pushed and pushed and pulled to understand pornmade each other and to feel and express my other eye. It was difficult to say with all the insults and bluster, what was his name, but smaller, with red hair, I think I called Giro, was the first to get my other big nipple in his mouth. He closed his eyes. It was beautiful, as always attacked by a group of babies. I never thought that my nipples could even be bigger, but they did. I'd love to have my milk squirted in the mouth. My legs were shaking. The old man had to make a living. His penis was hard as a semi -rubBER ring. He rubbed up and down my ass and leave my ass and tried to force, but it would just plop it back and rub it with him until I became more difficult, as difficult as it was, the long night. One pornmade of the other guys have been working under the seats, in the space between the seat and knees and knelt before me. Maybe it was what made the hard old cock. Maybe it was because he had pornmade been kicked out of my pants and panties and was practically naked. Perhaps it was difficult. Or maybe it's the way it was, it seemed that the youngest boy as her Rab. I was not only licks her pussy. I pushed hard with my hips, grinding my pussy swollen tongue not only waiting, but the nose and the chin on the lips pornmade of my pussy. It seemed as if in spite pornmade of his face with my juice, so I could get the entire head in me. The old man had stopped rubbing my cl up downEFT. I could almost feel the intensity of his concentration. There was still some of his cock in my ass, but it came out. He kept his head of his cock against my ass and spitting on your finger and appreciate open. I felt the tip of the bell to go in. I was bruised on the face of Ramon, but he quickly moved forward, separating the lips and splashing with his tongue inside me. But it was enough. The old man received an inch of his cock in inch by inch, he pushed on it, as if proof of your control. He felt strangely cold. Then he began to beat, first slowly and then faster, play their guts insistent rhythm of my ass cheeks, the young Rabbi hammerhead on the back of the chair. I screamed and tried to escape. It was like being tickled inside. But it was to go and where not to have preferred. Giro was pornmade sucking like it was the best he had ever had. My nipplesand get the sore that I thought was coming from the roots. Now David had replaced Mick heavier child, tit on the sill of the window at my leisure, when he fell from his mouth. David was pornmade strangely gentle with my tits, kissing, caressing and touching their nipples with his tongue. I thought I would speak in a moment. Patted on the head, encouraging. While almost naked children were curiously reluctant to show a part of themselves. They still had their jackets Wrangler. However, there are cocks to play another game and try to push out of their future profession. Mick, the eldest son was born, the first to receive yours. He just pulled the band of his boxers in the form av. Its nice thick cock jumped and, with its bulging veins, as if he had been working. I reached out to touch it. But it was not fast enough. Two rubbed his penis and he came, like a water gun at high pressure, the sprayingon the roof of the car and in my hair. His tail hung briefly, but appeared to recover and remain hard and thick and long, about 9 cm. Mick was in the seats, backs bent of the two children to pornmade balance against him. He put his cock in my direction. But it was still too far. I could only reach it by hand. I started with two fingers, pull the foreskin back and forth. He had a drop of sperm that comes out. It tasted like a tadpole. The old man behind me fucking my ass had slowed. I could feel him tense. His penis was hard and turned to me and then went out, so its creamy goodness in me. I was a bit happy, because my ass was sore. The old man into the chair behind me. He unbuttoned his pants and sat on the back pornmade of the bus. That might mean, they tend to be later Micks nob waving in my face like a metronome. It was simply beyond the reach of my mouth. He pushed forward. I tried twisting his young fat cock for the first time. But the back of his companions subsided. His cock out of my mouth and my nipples were teased free for the first time that night, and they all fell back. I pulled my pants and a skirt with one hand, Rab looked like an insect as the light began to disappear from under me. pornmade I pushed my bra and blouse set and I quickly looked in the mirror of the bus window. He seemed satisfied. My nipples were sore, my ass was leaking and my ass was lubricated with painful memories of a fine. dick Mick began to sink, like a flower that had too much sun, before my eyes. It seemed rather a shame, the same garbage, but that was life. And pornmade that was out of light. But I looked at Mick. He still had to try his cock in hand, she masturbates with two or three pulls his foreskin to see if it still works. pornmade He seemed to look down to three seats, with the old. "Is it night? " That in a font set, saidKind of voice. The old man drank the last of his whiskey. He stood up slowly, fixing his weight to the vagaries of the coach, when he moved to the ship with us. He stood over me and looked into my eyes. He had broken with the top button of my blouse. He reached over and opened the other three races, the ends of the skirt attached. The boy looked down, pushing, pushing once again as he slid. I sat with my skirt, smoothed and bent down and moved into the cups of my bra and picky about my breasts. I held my hands, like a child ready for bed, pulling out and put it in the next seat. There was a slight tint of the windows. But it was bright enough for other drivers to take a look at me, with my breasts out, half naked. The old man cupped the breast closest to him and pushed him into my mouth. Suck ' pornmade on them, " he said. A I often wondered when I was younger and hated my breasts and strap down, because the child namedinsults me and the girls hated me, what if I let her touch a child. Suck it. I knew it was wrong, but I pornmade had to know. When I went to sleep every other one boob in your mouth and suck on her nipples. Then the other. Then I press the two together and lick like a windshield wiper. I consoled her. I was a little and showed the old, I remembered how it goes. The road traffic has slowed and the horns away from us, but I kept licking until the old man told me to stop. The child faces behind the old man were wild. Her eyes widened, her chin held clamped and jams. There was a perceptible warmth, and seemed ready for a fight. But pornmade they were silent. pornmade It was only the sound of bus travel through the darkness. The old man pulled her skirt and grabbed my underwear, put on my hips and slid to the floor. He piled clothes on the chair next to him and put my shoes on top. I was so nakedEva. The old man took her hand as if we were a couple. Davie grabbed one of my boobs and my ass grabbed Mick, but they were symbolic gestures, as they let us pass. The old man went to the state pornmade of the rear seats, due to the stairs that no one could see. I moved to get next to him. But he pushed me to two places to the middle seats. I sat there and shuddered, closed her legs and arms over my chest. " Spread your legs," said the old man. I opened my legs. My pubic hair, above, was full of rough small curly hair, I never noticed. The lips of m
Quotes y pussy lips were red and inflamed. I could feel a pornmade tingling sensation in them. " big," said the old man. I sat in the chair and opened my legs as I could. The boys, as if drawn by the scent of musk, formed a screen in front of me. You could see right into the dark red, almost purple in my room, right in my dripping pussy wide. " Masturbate"Yes, said the old man. The wrinkles on my foreskin was already wet, but I pulled the skin with two fingers, hands on each side so that my clitoris protruded further out like a tail fin brown tape, got married, my labia minora. I closed my eyes. Almost as soon as I touched it, I groaned. "It's all yours," said the old man. he was beaten with a wave of roosters. pornmade two in the mouth at once struck, pushed me back onto the field. They were in and push down as gobstobbers. pornmade I could not even masturbate because someone was trying to take me aside and do a job very well did. so I have his cock and began to masturbate. Someone else was pornmade kneeling on the other side, stroking and sucking my nipples and trying to fool at a time, so I had to masturbate to pornmade her aid. One of them, I do not know rubbing his index finger of my mother and put it in my ass, as if there was a rod. the pace slowed a bit like Mick and I came to RabThe mouth, around the same time as pressing the tail on the other. I felt a brief lift the tail and harden into the roof of my mouth. pornmade He pulled out quickly, and that was to be so intimate with each other in embarrassment. Some of her spunk hit the back of my mouth, but filaments hit my lips and nose. I licked my lips and tired to catch stray bits with my tongue. trying to ride Giro my tits. pornmade I felt sorry for him. He was the smallest and had no dick. He had red hair and looked as if it were not enough, a couple of years. I would have wrecked my tits for him, but Davie was like a jealous child by the hand, you want to make sure your partner can not be more than he. It had nothing to be jealous. He was a handsome guy with black hair and looks pornmade good, and 12-inch model, the biggest cock of the day. I continued to masturbate Giro, but decided that the price of Davie. I leaned to one side, in front of the cock. I learned a lot from him in my mouthYou could, for choking in the process. I wanted to try everything. Turn left cock as it came. The masturbated in the hair on the back of the head, when it came down and legs Davies proved their musk -filled gym, jock and balls. But it was his tail, and I wanted in my mouth. I pornmade masturbated with the lips and tongue with the saliva in the mouth, spitting and sucking and licking the shaft and the piston head, like a professional. pornmade I felt it coming, traveling as a silence through his body. And I bit and sucked his cock even more, urging him to spit it out, give it to me. I licked his precum clear and pulled the cock from her mouth up to his knees and looked into his eyes when protective cushion between the white breasts. They do not even move because my husband liked it and cum was Davie. I had never seen such a face. That dripped from my chin on my tits. I rubbed it into the crack of my ass. I left my spermForehead and cheeks, nose, let me kind of look like a bad actress, little by little in my mouth and lick my hand Cunty brilliant. I liked watching him made ​​me do it, with the friendly look. The boys were standing behind me, straw, feeling on my tits and ass and tried to sperm in pornmade my hair. But one thing I wanted to do in Davie. I purchased both of his semen on pornmade my face as I could and put it in my mouth lucky streak. I was standing on unstable and kissed him pornmade down and forced my tongue between the lips and throat. He did not answer at first. Then he kissed me as hard as I kissed him. It was our secret. pornmade I was untangling pornmade his cum like a baby and Robin, I fed him his sperm again. I masturbate his cock and quickly tightened again. I bent down to lick to suck back in his nob, salty taste in the end. Mick was about to finger my ass and pussy, which is therefore not known about the technologyEnthusiasm. Davie wanted cock in me. I bent down and sucked his cock Micks pug. The other two pornmade were the lines on the face, like eager puppies momentum. I took a folded hand of all, move your ass naked in front of Davie, but he seemed not to take the track. I needed him in me. I felt for his cock again, keep the other guys in the bay, with an eager hand and Davie language remains difficult. I could not see what I did, but I seemed to float his body by grabbing his penis and took it in my pussy dripping. I felt like it was their first time. Then he hit me as hard as I could begin, his balls slapping against my cum filled ass naked. I pushed forward to more of his cock into me, my big tits jiggle with movement of the car and a good hump. I was greedy trying to get three different keys in my mouth at once. I felt tense and Davie and pour slowly into me apologetically. His cock slid so easily, as it had slipped. I pushed my ass, but he had done. His cock became a small mushroom. I sat on it. Wanted to protect him and her. I played around with it until you live long enough to be folded against my ass wine. Mick grabbed her hair. He was too sick for me to share with others. I had to jerk off with my hands, but he dictated the pace he took my mouth. I could feel the tail grows Davie. I opened my legs further, showing my wound and put on the small button on the valve, with my little hole. I pushed again and felt it fit his legs and fingers his cock until he was half hard. I pushed and pushed him back, force meets force. do not think I could have taken the cock in the ass Davie, unless Rab began to fuck me more. He is torn from his hand and pornmade somehow got under the other and stood up and began to seriously pornmade hit hard, as if he was pornmade determined to come, although he did shoot. I liked it. I gAbbed in mind when they came within reach, pulled him towards me and kissed me and made like Rab Davie and tails on my tongue. As if to underscore the point, I put a finger in the ass. He came immediately. "gross," said one of the other children Davie was growing cock in my ass, but it pornmade was too large and the distribution within me. It seemed that this sense and stopped pushing up, sat there most of his cock in my ass impaled. The other boys had gone and done what seemed an orderly queue. Mick looked as if his cock in my mouth and tickled my ass, so it was more than my weight in the tail of Davie. Mick suddenly pulled his cock from my mouth and grabbed my hair, head down to lick my juices around the tail. Watched with fascination as I licked and sucked my juice, juice, and when his current pushed his cock forward and the tail. I leave my current explosion while working on Mick 's cock. His tail was in a spasm and I had the pleasure of his precum if pUlled that of my mouth. " I want to fuck you in pornmade the ass," he said in an aggressive tone, but the next bit is more like a child pornmade who had lost his marbles, "I've never seen a girl pornmade in the ass before, but I wanted to. "" I've never shot anyone before the full stop. None of yous have, "said Davie, breathless, pumped with courage. I knew that he was sorry to say, even before it ended, as she knew it was true. But now he wanted his cock in my pussy, not my ass. I needed to make myself ready. I met Davie legs, taste the freshness of his big cock again, before squatting and Fanny slid my lips up and over his cock. Drivers could see my tits failure as I was riding a donkey. But as he grunted and squirmed in my own juices, I needed something more to finish. " Now is your chance to Mick, I spit, stroking my buttocks cheeks, " fuck me in the ass. " A though I tried, I could not agree pornmade with my rhythm, I could not access . Giro was thefirst to lose their cherry. The tail of the sperm entry greased Davie. And as her ass is pumped, pushed deeper and deeper into my dick in my pussy waiting Davie. Giro legs bent in front of me. Downloaded to my ass, and fell back. Rab quickly replaced it with the ass fucking, with small pornmade bone structure and a cock for all he was worth. His enthusiasm seemed to be catchy. I found myself making strange noises animals again and I rode my cock crowded Davie body orgasm after orgasm. Rab, and Davie, my ass lubricated, but the slower bus. We were on the outskirts of Edinburgh and would soon be in Waverly Station. I kissed my last Davie, shuffling down the aisle with milk ran down my bare leg. The children remained in the back seat, casual, in the form of them, as they had been there all his life. They saw me to take my clothes. Some passengers got out and sat on the upper deck at Waverly. It was only a 15 minute drive from Glasgow, Buchanan pornmade Street. Mick ran like a pornmade crab, the few chairs between us. When I sat up quickly see why. His penis was still outside. I stroked him through his future profession, as an old friend. Was larger. He looked around and pulled the tape back and nodded, as if to clear. I had it in his mouth, when a director walked up the stairs, walking briskly again, as Mick came in my mouth. I licked his cock once the last time, draining every last drop of his sperm. I held it there, like a squirrel in a bag on my cheeks. I kissed her passionately as we get to Glasgow. I knew that what she most wanted to try. I could see my husband at the station, up and down, so he did. When I got my bag luggage rack Davie I dropped a piece of paper. I knew it was his phone number. But I was a married woman. What kind of girl, he thought I was? But I have to smile. "What happened to the old?" I said. "The old," said Davie, Mick looked for guidance. "Whoever speaks, I said to Mick, " was the thought that my husband, " " There was just us in the upper deck, "said Davie along and Mick. S I knew that he's lying. must have lied.


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I thought I had missed the last bus home. It would be a return ticket : £ 17. 50 London to Glasgow. I'da long weekend and was curious to see my husband. I was not sure if I was doing the right thing. I was a student at Central University. It is the only one I've written in the notes he was able to get, but I was determined to succeed. But I did not do a good job. pornmade In fact, I was not sure if I was going backwards. The bus was surrounded by a rule, I was pleasantly surprised when I learned that so empty. There was virtually no one, except on the upper deck of the regular partner and a crazy old pornmade man. It must have been about 40. He wore a shirt and tie and looked good. I sat in the back at him and smiled when I get into my window seat. He nodded a little. I looked at his face, but like most men, then his eyes flickered on my tits. My husband, who was a child. He said it appeared the language of Boy George, but with great big tits. It seemed quite how. pornmade I sometimesI think he could put his cock between them a ride diddy, enjoyed more than normal sex. I did not care. I had tried to give a blow job once, but I do not like the taste. He seemed happy. Me too, but I've never been with anyone else. only had a thin lid. I was proud to travel lightly, as if only that somehow made ​​me brave. Anyway, I thought, heating in the bus usually full swing and usually very hot. I had not noticed at first, until we left, that warming in the bus does not work. The wind blew out, so a window seat as a permanent design. You can never be more than an hour by bus to sleep, pornmade but I knew that today was not an evening of chance. I felt like I had seen enough books to last me a lifetime, so I had not even been a book. The only think I could do was look out the window. But there was much to see at night, except the road and my own reflection. It was during one hour. But it was deadly slow and we were still on the outskirts of London. I felt like I was the only person in the world and every house and every car that passed were full of the same kind of people like me. In reflection, he envisioned the old man sitting opposite me and looked at me, or more precisely, my tits. I do not know pornmade why I did it, but I for my part, very slightly, by what appeared to be even higher. The men stared at my tits. I told my husband told me that she hated him and cut him out would have liked. But sometimes I have. Sometimes I have my men to look at it. I must have slept. My head hit the window and I awoke with a jolt. I think I really doted on my face. Quickly looked to see if the old one had noticed. pornmade He was looking at me. Instinctively, he said, "Sorry. " " That's fine," he said and smiled and laughed with a laugh beautiful. " You want some of that," he said. has an averageGive a bottle of whiskey, and put his arm like a Nazi salute, pornmade as if doing a Monty Python sketch, and quickly took a sip. " I can not," he said dryly. " Why not," he said, " do you drive? " "" No, I said, "I am a Jehovah's Witness. " "sorry" he said, as if I told I was dying. I felt sorry for him. It was probably an alcoholic. I introduced him to get on and off buses only for accommodation. 'Cold, huh ? "He said. " Yes, very cold, " I said," and I forgot my jacket. "It was a lie, but immediately regretted. " Charlatan "he said, taking another sip of whiskey, but this time without drama. " I think it's a shame, "said the better. " No "Look, he said, struggling in his seat to take the jacket. " Put these on. It's too cold. embraced "" Okay, " I said," I'm fine. "But he had already taken, and put it in my lap, smelling of snuff, but nice and warm by the heat of his body. I took it to ths neck and went to throw again, but scowled and said :.... "Okay pornmade I have this " He showed me the bottle So, I've found in my shoulder and immediately felt warmer. but I felt bad. " Look," he said, "let's share. " I really did not know what he meant, but I had meant. took his coat and came and sat in the passenger seat. At first I had the jacket in his lap so he had half and had others, but obviously did not work. S I've tried setting one side of the jacket back and extended his hand and put the other half at his back. leaned forward like a baby in a high chair and then leaned back again. was a little better. I was able to heat your arm and feel, but the rest of my body was frozen. seemed even colder than before. We suddenly turned a corner to go to the M80 and fell in love. That seemed to break the ice. put his arm around my back and I took him to be roasted as a brother and sistthat. I fell asleep leaning on his shoulder. I thought I was dreaming. I felt a hand, like a starfish, work slowly and safely in the back of her blouse, so that it rests on the bare skin of my belly. I did not know what to do, so I did something else, as always, my son to breathe and I had fallen asleep. His breathing quickened a bit as his hand reaches the threshold of my bra. Then it was on and under this condition, and gently grasp the white silky smoothness of my skin, rests, as if tired of all their efforts. He then moved gently, so soft, your index finger, rugged aura surrounding my nipple, so that when they finally started almost by accident, against him, with the side of the finger, not just the nipple, but its twin in the other breast, plunged into life as two-tailed babies. He moved his finger up and over my nipple, as if their measurement and the feeling of wealth. I've always had trouble sleeping. Suddenly Imind straightened. His hand seemed to pornmade whip flair and shrink away in the neutral zone of my right shoulder. My back has been pain, he had pushed his bony arm behind me and the chair. I turned away from him, his arm falling out of his jacket and stay in the space between two chairs. I pushed my butt pornmade up to pornmade a distance between us to create. I looked through the passing night, accelerating his blackness as a mirror to see what he did, it was a mistake. I looked and looked. I looked away. put his jacket over bare shoulders, so that it hung like a kind of dummy. I put it to cover me and touched his hand. His hand was on my bare shoulder. It seems a little strange now, with all the noise of traffic and drunks in the front of the bus with their stupid football songs, but I heard the creak of the chair as he moved, position your legs and body thus placing parallel Education and Cultureh other. Just do not run parallel. He put a hand on the side of my blouse and bra directly, as if his hand had memorized the route. There was no subtlety now. He took and put on my big tit wobble like a grapefruit and adjusted and extended to the nipple to life. On the other hand fired and joined the couple. I tried to pull away, but his hand followed the contours of my body, pulling me closer to your body, so that I could feel his hard pornmade cock against my ass cheeks on my clothes. went to the seat and tried not to gasp as the outside of the hand touched my stomach. He started fingering me up and down my clitoris, in spite of me, I cried. I've never had an orgasm before. I did not know more than one. I was moaning and breathing hard, like a cow in labor, as it is with one finger, then another three, then four fingers slid my ass. The guys at the front of the bus had stopped singing. They were like meerkatsWith each show no head in my direction. But I could not help me. I have one last groan, and actually swore, saying, "oh shit", while the whole hand was up my pussy, but failed with the thumb in My pants were wet when I thought I peed I. I've heard one of the boys said in the front of the bus. "That always fucking fat slapper ' any way, it bothered me that called fat than a fly was almost grateful when the old man pushed me. 's Head down toward his lap. It was as if the protection of the headrests, I to be invisible. He did not even know to say anything, just take your zip code, and let 's cock the spring. was much bigger than my husband, longer and thicker, and seemed to turn left, instead of standing, it should be. also, the head of pornmade his penis was longer and purple. I tentatively touched her head with my tongue, gently holds the stem of his cock and licked her little crying eyes open. lweek one of my nipples so hard I cried. But there was no sound. He more or less in the head and pushed his cock in my mouth I almost gagged. One of the gang of rowdy boys had made his way forward. I stood on tiptoe, so that he could see my head up and down the old man's cock. I could feel it grow stronger in my mouth. I use my tongue to lick the tip of the tail. I wanted to taste his cum and fill my mouth with his goodness. But his cock to go soft and impatience, modified my nipples more and pull my hair, my head moved up and down, as to whether I was punished. The old man stopped to feed me his cock. He could be a tighter grip on my hair and pulled my head suddenly, struggling to open his mouth like a fish out of water. There was a middle-aged couple sitting in the middle of the bus. They looked back at me, until she pulled what I am to her husband, was in the seat. I could almostto hear how you're doing tutting. Everyone else had left the upper floor, which happens to us on the stairs, pornmade and I had not noticed. Only the youngest baseball caps remained. They would not leave, at least not until the more heavier in the front, he gave the contract. The youngest child looked like the edge of the road ahead. Two or three of his friends were standing behind him, with their baseball caps down, as if to protect themselves from view. pornmade I knew they were doing the head up and down on his hard-soft penis. My face turned bright red. But the old man did not look away from me. He pulled her hair back so hard that the boys must have thought I was looking defiantly stuck to the chin. It was they who first turned a blind eye. They began r